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Future Static Reveal New Single, ‘The Hourglass’

Off the back of announcing their debut album ‘Liminality‘, Naarm/Melbourne-based metal quintet Future Static have revealed another taste of the record in the furious ‘The Hourglass‘. The highly anticipated album is due FridayNovember 24, via Wild Thing Records.

‘The Hourglass’ opens with walls of distorted guitars, thudding double kicks and lead singer Amariah Cook’s impressive screams. Skilful juxtaposition is used between rapid, punk-tinged arrangements and colossal half-time eruptions, expertly and dynamically performed. The hypnotic bridge allows space for choral, chanting vocals to wash across the mix, creating a brief respite before the fast-paced climax.

Amariah talks about the inspiration behind ‘The Hourglass’:

“I decided to lean on the metaphor: ‘digging yourself into a hole’ for this song. I wanted to describe what it feels like when you say something situationally agitating or hurtful and, instead of just letting it pass, you try to fix it with more unnecessary and misinterpreted words. Jack’s working title, ‘RUIN/RECLAIM’, adheres well to the energy of the music, and I really wanted to flow together vocally with that concept. The verses, mostly written by myself, talk about this in a generalised manner, compiling various situations caused by this cyclical behaviour. Kira masterfully wrote the chorus lyrics and melody, where she describes a particular situation where that ‘verbal vomiting’ was induced.”

An innate fusion of metalcore, progressive metal, alternative rock, and pop sensibilities, ‘Liminality’ is exemplified by its profound singles: visceral cut ‘Roach Queen‘, the effervescent ‘Plated Gold‘ – featuring guest vocals from Sean Harmanis of Make Them Suffer, and acclaimed earlier singles ‘Waves‘ and ‘Venenosa‘. ‘Liminality’ also highlights the group’s breathtaking lead vocal tandem, with bassist Kira Neil showcasing her vocal talents and magical chemistry alongside the electrifying Naarm/Melbourne-born, Barcelona-raised Amariah Cook, underlined on the progressive labyrinth ‘The Hourglass’ and alt-pop-core sensation ‘Chemical Lobotomy‘.

Amariah proclaims, “We’re so proud to finally release our first full-length album, which we’ve been tirelessly working on and teasing to crowds for the past two years. Everything about this album came from the heart and soul of the band. The best way to describe it? It is the physical representation of friendship, teamwork and our unconditional love for music.”

‘Liminality’ was produced, mixed, and mastered by Christopher Vernon (WindwakerThe Beautiful Monument). The artwork was helmed by guitarist Jack Smith, with ‘Liminality’ portraying the space between materialising and deteriorating in serene nothingness.

‘The Hourglass’ is available worldwide now, via Wild Thing Records

‘Liminality’ will be available worldwide on Friday, November 24, via Wild Thing Records
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Written by John Zebra