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Garagee Reveals Melting New Single, ‘Blood’ feat. Steve Kilbey

Melbourne-based artist Garagee has unveiled his cinematic new single Blood, featuring Steve Kilbey of the legendary band The Church. This dub-laced track is a reflective, mournful piece that showcases Garagee’s intricate production and Kilbey’s evocative storytelling. The single, accompanied by a hallucinatory music video, marks the lead release from Garagee’s forthcoming third studio album, Garagee 3.

Garagee, active for 16 years, has a rich discography with releases through psy-trance label Tempest Recordings. His debut album, Gar-Adji(Y), and its follow-up, Garagee II, both launched to sold-out crowds in Melbourne, earning him recognition from some of the biggest tastemakers in the game.

Blood features ethereal guitar loops and atmospheric pads, creating a nostalgic soundscape. Kilbey’s vocals add depth, reflecting on life’s past moments and portraying an emotional, metaphoric world. Garagee explains, “In naming this piece ‘Blood’, the headspace was always to represent a flow of reflective mournfulness. I had Steve in mind when I wrote this, and his performance connected with its essence in expanding ways.”

The music video, directed and edited by Garagee himself, enhances the track’s enigmatic feel with vibrant red-filtered close-ups and diverse urban settings. Blood is a chilled, alt-pop journey that pairs Garagee’s eclectic production with Kilbey’s knack for ambiguous storytelling, offering a mesmerising exploration of existential themes.

Written by John Zebra