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George Maple Gets Money, Murders A Guy In New Music Video


Australian-born, LA-based RnB artist George Maple has come out with her latest single Sticks And Horses featuring DC rapper GoldLink. The track follows her 2015 single Where You End And I Begin feat. Grande Marshall, and her collab on What So Not on Gemini.

Sticks And Horses is a change of pace for George Maple as her landmark EP ‘Vacant Space’ was monochromatic and down-tempo. The tracks always sounded like they were just ‘there’, cautiously slow and floating around your ears, careful not to shake up anything. Sticks And Horses is bright and colourful, incorporating more of a hip-hop influence, potentially signalling a departure from her previous musical style.

However, the film clip itself can err on the side of corny. Shots of George Maple taking a bath for no reason and a stripper wearing a collar that says “sex” on it causes the video to come across as silly rather than sensual. The video even ends with a car explosion for some reason…

We know you have to give people a reason to watch your video instead of going to a different tab or whatever, but watching it on public transport might be a little too much ass for the morning and afternoon commute.

The track is co-produced by Maple, alongside long-time collaborators Noah Breakfast, Willis, and What So Not. The verses have some weak lines, but Maple’s vocal abilities and the solid production are more than enough to outset any fleeting weakness.