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Get 5x Sian Evans Action In Her ‘Cold Feet’ Video


Brisbane-based folk songstress Sian Evans has released a brand new video for her latest track Cold Feet, an honest country-infused anthem.

The track, plucked from her most recent EP ‘How Time Has Treated Thee’, prances through meadows in your imagination, so much so it wouldn’t be misplaced on an indie film soundtrack. Featuring catchy hand-clapping beats intertwined with pulsating violin, the track is completed by Sian’s wispy country voice.

Armed with a snare drum, violin, tambourine, and an acoustic guitar, Evans stars solo in the video, playing all four instruments at once. No, it’s not a magic trick, just some craft editing work, with five Sians playing the instruments around a kitchen table.

After parting from her trio, The Rusty Datsuns, the Brisbane soloist has touring on her Cold Feet video launch, and will perform one last home show in Brisbane to finish off 2017! Check out the video for yourself below!

Sian Evans ‘Cold Feet’ Video Tour

The Zoo, Brisbane

Get Tickets HERE