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SPOTLIGHT: Get A Cosmic Earful of Alex the Astronaut’s Space Folk


Illustration by Elly Pugh

Ground control never mentioned the concept of ‘space folk’, but Sydney born New York-based newcomer Alex the Astronaut is bringing it to your ear canals. The songstress’ debut release Half of 21st Street is a jingly, jangly swirl of electronica and acoustic sounds.

Alex the Astronaut, as her name suggests, seems to be all about exploring new frontiers. With a sound reminiscent of Kate Miller-Heidke, she manages to somehow meld tempo changes and instrumentals into one galactic plasma ball. The track even has a narrative structure.

Apparently, it’s a romantic intergalactic love story between a postman and a thief. It kind of makes you want to have a picnic on the moon. Sure, Alex the Astronaut may sound like a stage name, but this clever lady is a scholar of both mathematics and physics. So like, gigs on mars could be an option in the future.

This is only the start of Alex the Astronaut’s cosmic journey through space folk and beyond (admittedly this does sound like a Ricky & Morty plotline), but it’s solid, different and something new. You’ll have to tune your cosmic rays her way and keep a close eye on one Alex the Astronaut.