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Get Your Daydream On With Pacific Heights & Cool Sounds

PACIFIC HEIGHTS with Buried By The Burden feat. Louis Baker

Pacific Heights

Rising New Zealand producer Pacific Heights a.k.a. Devin Abrams has dropped a brand new video for his track Buried By The Burden straight out of the heavens.

The dreamy tune is filled with blurred synthesisers and touches of light, rhythmic percussion paired with Louis Baker’s pure, soulful vocals and barely-there harmonies. It’s the perfect vessel to take your imagination on a five-minute holiday while the raw honesty of the lyrics capture your heart: “Rising and falling, constantly changing/You and I both evolving and rearranging/Thousand indecisions haunting my vision/And under it all I’m buried by the burden”.

The video is made entirely in black and white and packed with effects and computer graphics. The  futuristic nature and technicality of the visuals adds a haunting, shimmering layer to an uncomplicated concept while still allowing the lyrics and melody to shine.

Pacific Heights is set to release his debut album ‘The Stillness’ on May 27. Check out the brand new video for Buried By The Burden below!

COOL SOUNDS with In Blue Skies

cool sounds

Melbourne jazz pioneers Cool Sounds are living up to their name with their new single In Blue Skies. This effortlessly cool number is built on a foundation of steady, constant bass rhythms and carefree, syncopated electric guitar – if summer had a universal soundtrack, Cool Sounds would be on it. In Blue Skies is a complex and confusing combination of upbeat rhythms and melancholy chord progressions.

If you haven’t quite filled your weekly quota of weird videos yet, the In Blue Skies music video will do just that. Focussing on the theme of objectophilia (love of objects), the video is a collection of intriguing and mildly disturbing shots of Cool Sounds band members getting intimate with hammers, basketballs, baseball bats, and toasters. Hot. As uncomfortable as it is to watch, it’s just as challenging to look away.

In Blue Skies is the second taste of Cool Sounds’ debut album ‘Dance Moves’, due for release later this year.

Written by Jess Martyn