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Get Groovy With SG Lewis’ New Track “Holding Back”


Ready to get your dancy pants on? Well, you most definitely should dust them off for SG Lewis’ latest track Holding Back. Taken from the UK producer’s upcoming EP ‘Yours’ and featuring US R‘n’B superstar Gallant, the super-smooth track is rife with creamy vocals and funky embellishments.

The track builds gradually as Lewis expertly layers sounds and vocals. Essentially, it’s like a really good Tiramisu. It’s never too ferocious, balancing smooth and easy beats with some serious groove to create a very sophisticated sound. Gallant’s vocals strike a balance between modern day, clean-cut production, and poppy 90s R’n’B. Given the sophistication and execution of this track, Lewis and Gallant are obviously a strong partnership – Holding Back is really well put together to say the least.

The melodic synthesizers skipping through the track add a definite fluidity of the piece. It’s kind of like the musical embodiment of a lava lamp, ebbing and flowing. In fact, that’s pretty true of most of Lewis’s work – he makes some seriously slick stuff. Compared to his other tracks, Holding Back presents a greater opportunity for dancing, which is obviously a very important aspect to consider when evaluating a song.

Holding Back brings a far more upbeat vibe to the EP than the title track Yours, a sombre piece more appropriate for slow dancing than serious boogying. It’s set to be a super slick release so keep an ear out and both eyes peeled. SG Lewis is here to stay.