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Get Your Rock On With The King, The Son, And Them Bruins

KING CHARLES with Lady Of The River 

King Charles

London singer-songwriter King Charles a.k.a. Charles Costa doesn’t get to make royal decrees, but he does make some decent music. His latest track, Lady Of The River, begins by balancing clean vocals with the underlying roughness of the electric guitar.

The track’s thematic lyrics establish King Charles as a story teller just as much as a musician: “Baby, won’t you come down, following me where all the river boats lie/And then together we can try to turn the tide.”

The chorus introduces an irresistible drum rhythm and a whole lot of energy to the song before the bridge strips back the drums, allowing the vocals to shine. It’s the perfect mixture of contrast and cohesion, and a sweet addition to any adventurer’s playlist.

King Charles’ new album ‘Gamble For A Rose’ is out now!

SON LITTLE with Toes 

Son Little

Aaron Earl Livingstone a.k.a. Son Little’s new track is a toe-tapper from beginning to end. Toes will leave your ears tingling in anticipation with an irresistible guitar riff, and you won’t be disappointed by the infectious melody and well-crafted lyrics that follow.

The chorus  is short and sweet, showing off Livingstone’s powerful mid-register vocals in only two lines and leaving plenty of room for lyric-heavy verses to shine.

Tasteful harmonies throughout the verses complete this track, every extra note a pleasant surprise.

THEM BRUINS with Coming Out Backwards

Them Bruins

Coming Out Backwards is the most recent of a stack of brand new tracks from Them Bruins.  With their new album ‘Nobody Wants To Dance With Them Bruins’, the Melbourne punk-rock 4-piece have delivered a smack of old-school rock flavour with a brand new energy.

Coming Out Backwards is built on a classic drum rhythm, an effortless guitar melody, subtle vocal harmonies, and verses packed with intriguing lyrics: ‘And even if I could find the time/Fate was a river but that river ran dry so I/Keep calm and carry it on, but, uh oh/It keeps coming out backwards’

Catchy guitar riffs in the bridge should eliminate any niggling doubts – these guys know how to create a hit rock song. It’s uncomplicated, unapologetically rough around the edges, and unequivocally lovable.

Written by Jess Martyn