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Get To Know Rageflower: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sydney’s Newest Pop Princess

Sydney multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter RAGEFLOWER (aka Madeline Powers) just released her debut single, ‘Still Calling’ and announced a video coming soon.

Specialising in introspective songwriting, Rageflower brings together the emotive indie style of Jess Day and Phoebe Bridgers, with the mid-2000’s sound of Avril Lavigne and Tonight Alive. Created alongside friends Max Jacobs, Daryl Chin and Nicodemo Scali, ‘Still Calling’ explores the process of healing after destructive behaviour. The confessional verses and soaring choruses are brought to another level in the accompanying video that further highlights themes of disconnection and destructive coping mechanisms.

Today Rageflower has revealed five fun facts about herself- read below to learn more about this upcoming power-pop darling!

1.Every time I get really sad I watch Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s like a ritual for me, I have seen it maybe 100 times which tells you a bit about my mental health. I also have a tattoo of Haku, the dragon river spirit from the movie.

2.I can eat an entire packet of Tim Tams in 3 minutes. It’s a serious problem, my family started to hide them from me because they would disappear so quickly. I’m not sure what it is about Tim Tams but in my opinion, they are the perfect food. 

3.I used to play Euphonium in my high school orchestra (it’s like a small tuba) – super cool. Playing in an orchestra was really the birth of my passion for music. I also studied at the Sydney conservatorium for 3 years, but I dropped out because I didn’t feel like I fit into the classical music world. I really wanted to write and play my own songs. I’m glad I chose the path I did because it made me appreciate all kinds of music.

4.My cat is named after Special Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks. He is very special, and I am convinced he was a Zen monk in his past life. 

5.I came up with the name RAGEFLOWER after playing guitar in a session for a “friend” of mine. This guy was a real misogynist and the way that he spoke to me in front of all these dudes in the studio made me feel a rage I hadn’t felt in a long time. On the bus home the words “rage, flower” just came into my mind and I was like “yep, that’s what I’m gonna do”. I then decided to embody that, and I am that.

Stream ‘Still Running’ out everywhere now, and keep an eye on Rageflower’s socials for the video coming soon!

Written by Alice Powell