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Ghost Care Talk Bigsound 2022, Their Essential Road Trip Music And More!

We caught up with WA band Ghost Care ahead of their upcoming national tour in support of latest single ‘Part Time Living’.

Since debuting in 2019 this Boorloo/Perth-based trio have been steadily building their fanbase, mapping out a clear trajectory skywards. Solidifying this move, their latest single has scored massive community radio support, significant Apple Music/Spotify editorial playlisting, and they’ve recently signed with Tiny Triumphs Management (The VANNS, Eliza & The Delusionals).

We chatted with band members Beau and Luke to learn more about their origins, influences, upcoming Bigsound appearance and future plans, read below for the full scoop!

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Hey guys! You’ve been making absolute strides recently, with the release of ‘Part Time Living’, signing to Tiny Triumphs Management, supporting The Vanns on tour and now gearing up to head to Bigsound- how are you feeling? Is this what you imagined for 2022?

“We are absolutely pumped. Getting a management team was a goal for a little while and we feel really lucky to be with Tiny Triumphs! It was a really hectic start to the year with Beau and Tanaya both finishing off uni and practicums so we were hoping for a big back half of the year. To be on the Bigsound lineup is just what we needed and were hoping for. It’s also our long-awaited first time playing outside of WA!” – Luke

We can’t wait to get amongst it at Bigsound this year & it’s such a stacked lineup- who are you most keen to see perform?

“The lineup is crazy good! There are a bunch of artists who we’re keen to see – even some pals from Perth who we haven’t seen play in ages! But, a handful of these are Phoebe Go, EGOISM, Greta Stanley, Teenage Dads and Full Flower Moon Band who we all really love. Sorry, this is a bit of a list but these are all bands who have been both recent additions and past additions to our playlists and, either way, we’re stoked to be on the same lineup as them.” – Luke

Bringing it way back to the beginning of Ghost Care, can you tell us how this trio came to be?

“Ghost Care started as a two-piece consisting of Beau and I (Luke). Initially we had the idea to get a guest artist for each new release. Our first guest artist was Tanaya Harper, but we soon realised that we gelled and loved what she did. Tanaya had never played bass but we asked her to join full time on Bass and she was up for it. The rest is history. Like many band names, Ghost Care started as a joke. Before Ghost Care, Beau and I were in a four-piece together called Coast Care which abruptly ended when the two members from America couldn’t renew their visas. We were the Ghost of Coast.” – Luke

What song would you want a new listener to hear first to be introduced to the Ghost Care sound?

“What a tough question, but also such a goodie. We just released Part-Time Living which is a good start! I would say that Kevin Garnett has a good sense of what our live energy is like, but my (Beau) personal favourite at the moment is Bussell HWY. Besides being a personal favourite, I think it’s a great starting point because it reflects the territory we’ve been moving into lately with this new EP.” – Beau

Where do the three of you source inspiration from? Do you have any strong sonic influences you find yourselves always admiring/drawing from?

“In the early formation there was definitely a strong influence from the Black Keys, Phoenix and HAIM. It is an ever changing thing. I’m constantly looking for new sounds and inspiration. Lately some of my biggest influences would be Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Krhuangbin, Wings, Haim, Frank Ocean, Wolf Alice and a bunch of western arts music. But that will probably be a different list next month.” – Beau

I feel like your discography is so perfectly suited to a road trip, such a sunshiney, windows down kind of vibe. I want to know, what are your essential road trip songs?

“This is a great question! When we’ve been in the car together there’ve been a few songs and albums that always come on. Starting from the top, we have Bon Iver (self-titled album), Fleet Foxes (Helplessness Blues), Powderfinger (various hits…), and just a few last ones quickly – The Staves, Clairo, and Kacey Musgraves. These have been some regulars on the road trip hit list for us every time.” – Luke

Now, at the risk of getting a little ahead of ourselves, do you have any plans post-Bigsound that you can let us in on?

“Definitely have a lot on the cards that is top secret and we would be in trouble if we told you. It could lead to heart-ache. But right now I can tell you that we are planning the release of our next EP, as well as getting into the studio. We have been writing so many songs and we really can’t wait to lay some of them down. With all that said, more touring will be a must, but that’s all I can share right now.” – Beau



Wednesday Sept 7th Ivory Tusk Bar 8:20pm-8:50pm

Thursday Sept 8th O’Skulligans 10:40pm – 11:10pm


Written by Alice Powell