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Giant Fire-Breathing Spider Is Coming To Perth


It’s not everyday you can say a 20-metre-tall, 50-tonne fire-breathing robot spider is coming to Australia, but today is our lucky day! If you’re obsessed with the apocalypse, then sorry, it’s not coming to kill us. But for music enthusiasts there’s good news, the giant arachnid is actually part of a music festival!

Known as a technology, sculpture, engineering, architecture, and theatre blending event Arcadia Festival is undoubtably one of the most unique festivals on the map. The giant spider is made up of 95 per cent repurposed military gear and scrap metal, so it completely makes sense it also shoots balls of fire (lol wut?). The spider is actually a 360’ stage which plays hosts DJs and artists alike, allowing the crowd to party in, around, and under it!


Working with riggers, costume designers, musicians, welders, and engineers, Arcadia Festival aims “to take the Glastonbury campfire experience…and amplify that into an arena”. Incredibly, this is just one of the crazy robots the artistic and recycling collective possess, so there’s no doubt the festival will have even more amazing creations to announce!

So far Arcadia has locked in the global first with Yallor Keeninyarra’s ‘Dance of the Wadjuk Nyungar People’, and will also feature a lineup of international and local talent, to be announced on Wednesday 6th of July.

The three day festival has a unique layout for it’s entertainment, with the opening night featuring international electronic artists, the second night delivering the biggest names in Australian dance music, and the closing night boasting an all Australian trap, hip-hop, and dance lineup strictly for under 18’s.

Tickets go on sale on Thursday 7th of June, so watch the amazing announcement video below and try to curb your excitement till the lineup is announced!

Arcadia Spectacular Australia

FRI 25-27 NOV
Elizabeth Quay, Perth

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