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Giddy Up! Beck’s New Music Video Has Us Going “WOW”


Grammy award winning artist Beck has unveiled a new joyous, yet completely confusing music video for his mammoth pop gem Wow.

It’s not often you come across horse riding, tiny tot dancers shaking what they don’t have, bizarre animations, and a man sitting in the middle of the road, all alongside Beck dancing on what we assume to be a merge lane on a major highway.

Believe it or not, there are many more wild and spontaneous things going on in the music video! Beck has noted that the inspiration for the music video has come from scrolling through Instagram.

“Now you can scroll through the most disparate, diverse and fascinating images in the span of minutes. It’s a new form of experiencing visual media. The infinite amount of stuff out there is overwhelming and inspiring in the way that you have a form of expression that is alive and changing every second,” said Beck.

Although the music video makes absolutely no sense at all, you’ll be left saying one thing, and one thing only…Wow!

Wow is Beck’s second new song since his Grammy award-winning album ‘Morning Phase’, following Dreams, which was released in 2014. The artist has definitely had a bit of a drastic character and musical shift since then, going from the sedate, folky mediations to a more alternative hip-hop sound.

Lyrics are exactly like Beck, different and wonderful. Imagery is also just like Beck, weird and strange. Check out the crazy masterpiece below!