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GIG SPOTLIGHT: The Triffid To Get You Rocking With Young Blood #3


Maybe you’re looking at your Spotify/Soundcloud/iTunes playlist and thinking “wow, I could really do with some fresh choons”, but you just don’t know where to look. Maybe you’re obsessed with going to bands before your friends have never heard of them so you can be all “I’ve already seen them” when 2017’s festival lineups drop. Maybe you just have a ‘neaky blueberry burning a hole in your pocket.

Anyway you cut it, there are a hell of a lot of reasons to head along to The Triffid’s third instalment of the Young Blood gig series. Three of our favourite reasons are plastered all over the bill for the evening, with three great rock bands taking to the stage at one of Brisbane’s best venues.

Old Fashion have been pumping out some BIG sounding tracks in recent times, with their songs Romeo and The Racket stirring memories of Kingswood or Wolfmother. Very occasionally, the band seem to channel the big hair metal bands of the 80s, with piercing vocal harmonies and intense guitar solos that sound like they could fill a football stadium. They want you to know that “guitar solos are back in” and they go all out to get that to happen.

Elko Fields are a Brisbane band that describe themselves as a raucous, riff heavy, ‘cut-the-bullshit’ style of rock and, try as we might, we couldn’t come up with a more apt description. Channelling a mix of Garbage’s vocal stylings with a Led Zeppelin/DZ Deathrays/The Con and The Liar fuzzy guitar work, the duo will have those heads banging all over. The pair’s debut single, Cough It Up was produced by Powderfinger’s Ian Haug on his Airlock Records label, and it sounds like a solid, meaty bout of modern rock.

LOTUS SHIP, on the other hand, are a Gold Coast-based quintet that have been laying down some fun and funky psychedelic sounds. With tracks that could sound like a cross between early 90s Britpop and something straight out of your Dad’s record collection, they’ll be sure to get the crowd swaying when they hit the stage.

This is the first rock based Young Blood, and it’s sure to catch some South-East Queensland artists as they start to spring onto the big time and some massive lineups.

Check out Old Fashion’s Romeo below, and click to read our review or view our gallery of Young Blood #2!

Triffid’s Young Blood #3 Rock & Roll Edition

The Triffid, Brisbane

Written by Max Higgins