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girli and JUNO Chat About The Upcoming Matriarchy Tour

In just two weeks from now, North London pop provocateur girli, will light up Australia’s East Coast with three electrifying performances in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. The tour is in celebration of her forthcoming album, Matriarchy, out May 17, and self-described as her most ‘reflective’ and ‘vulnerable’ body of work to date. In anticipation for the upcoming tour, girli has interviewed JUNO exclusively for AAA Backstage to chat about what we can expect from their forthcoming tour together.

girli: What are you most excited about in the Aussie music scene today? and… what are you most bored / done with in the Aussie music scene?

JUNO: Most excited for how empowering the scene is right now. I know a lot of artists are complaining about the pressure to create content (and I get it for realllll) BUT I do think the power is very much in our hands at the moment. More so than it ever has been. It’s just you and your fans! I love that!

Most bored/done with how hard it is for Australian artists and festivals to sell tickets right now. Unless an artist is in demand (and  usually international), people are generally leaving their ticket purchases to the day before. It’s really sad to see how many tours and festivals are getting called off 🙁

girli: What is a MUST-see for me visiting these cities?

JUNO: Ooh when it comes to Melbourne I’d definitely recommend hitting up Naked for Satan at Fitzroy. The rooftop bar is our favourite hang-spot when we tour there, and there’s also sooo many good thrifting spots along that strip. Here in Queensland we just have the most gorgeous beaches ever. Definitely recommend hitting up Burleigh Heads or Tallebudgera Beach, both are so stunning.

girli: What is your fav typical Aussie snack?

JUNO: Tim Tams for suuuure. You have to try them. We’ll get you a packet 😉

girli: Do you have a pre-stage ritual?

JUNO: We do the classic huddle (pictured below) with all hands in. Mostly ironically haha. I always have a banana just before I go on stage for a burst of energy because I like to go hard on stage. But yeah normally we just ADHD pace backstage tbh

girli: Funniest tour anecdote?

JUNO: Okay this one is only really funny in hindsight but every single time we have driven down to Melbourne our tyre has popped! Like literally one time we were only 10 minutes down the road and we had to pull over because we had run over a nail! They were fresh tyres and everything. We’ve been quite unlucky with that one. Funny though.

A Destroy All Lines presentation by arrangement with One Fiinix Live
Tickets HERE

girli / The Rechabite, Perth

Wednesday, 24 April

girli / The Brightside, Brisbane

Thursday, 25 April

girli / Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Friday, 26 April

girli / Laundry Bar, Melbourne

Saturday, 27 April