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Girli Shares New Single, ‘Crush Me Up’

Alt-pop luminary girli electrifies fans once again with the unveiling of her latest single ‘Crush Me Up’. Delving into the intoxicating realm of infatuation, the track captures the essence of being consumed by someone’s presence. With poignant lyrics celebrating the frenzy of newfound love, ‘Crush Me Up’ joins the ranks of girli’s previous hits, including the empowering ‘Nothing Hurts Like a Girl’, the tender ‘Be With Me’, and the anthem of empowerment, ‘Matriarchy’.

In ‘Crush Me Up’, girli skillfully navigates the intricate journey of a crush, unravelling the layers of fascination that lead to obsession and the irresistible grip another can have on the heart. Drawing parallels between love and a potent drug, girli boldly positions herself as the essence of that intoxicating euphoria, mirroring the captivating affect her love interest holds over her. Enhanced by a futuristic electro-pop arrangement, the melody amplifies the sensation of being enveloped by love, with girli’s vocals soaring atop glorious waves of synth, creating a hypnotic auditory experience.

“‘A song about crushing so hard on someone it’s like the image of them is playing on an infinite loop on a TV inside your head. But it’s a nice kind of crush; a required one, you equally thirst for each other. It’s a jump up and down in your room at a sleepover with your friends and blush red when you talk about them kinda crush. I wrote this about my girlfriend when we first met. Crush me up (like I’m a drug) and take all of me because I want all of you.” girli.

Accompanying the release is an official music video, capturing girli’s magnetic connection with her crush amidst the pulsating lights of the club. From tender embraces to carefree moments of uninhibited joy on the dance floor, the visuals offer a captivating backdrop that perfectly complements the passion, intimacy, and euphoric energy emanating from the track. Set against the backdrop of a bustling nightlife, the video immerses viewers in the electrifying atmosphere of love’s intoxicating allure, as girli and her crush share moments of genuine connection and unbridled excitement.

The latest single heralds from girli’s highly anticipated sophomore album, “Matriarchy,” slated for release on May 17, 2024. Representing a significant evolution for the acclaimed artist, the album serves as a rebirth, marking a profound exploration of her sonic identity and a bold assertion of creative autonomy. With full control over her artistic direction, girli solidifies her position as a trailblazer and icon within the LGBTQIA+ music scene, serving as an emblematic figure for the next generation of boundary-pushing musicians.

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Written by Chris Lamaro