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GlitchCraft’s Debut Album Launch Kept Punters on Their Toes

From the beginning until the end, GlitchCraft’s debut album launch kept punters on their toes and the roof raised. With an all Tassie lign-up of space.tiime, DVRKWORLD, Spooky Eyes, Lune River, Liquid Nails, Smug Anime Face & GlitchCraft themselves had The Grand Poobah in Hobart a hive of activity and the place to be last weekend. 

GlitchCraft are a six-piece ensemble that has steadily been capturing the imagination of fans with their mesmerising fusion of rock, metal, punk, and jazz.

Delving deep into the atmospheric landscapes of Tasmania, particularly Hobart’s unique environment, Glitchcraft’s latest offering is an experimental symphony of sounds that transports listeners to the rugged coastlines, lush forests, and the vibrant streets of their hometown. Every track is a testament to the band’s profound connection to their roots and an exploration of the multifaceted influences that have shaped their distinctive sound.

The band dedicated five days at Future State Studios in Hobart to record their album, which was later refined during mixing and mastering. The band poured a lot of love and work into their self-titled record and set it free into the universe the best way possible!

Photos by Mell Schmeider