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GLOB Reveal Their Addictive Debut Single, ‘R U Happy Now?’

Melbourne four piece, GLOB have just last unveiled their debut single, R U Happy Now? It’s the first of many to come fron their planned 2022 debut LP.

Although a debut release, R U Happy Now carries a flare with it that you’d expect from a very experienced indie rock band. Produced by Michael Badger (King Gizz, Amyl and Sniffers, SONS) it hits you with floating guitar melodies, popping keys and a heartfelt vocal delivery. It’s a true example of classic Australian indie.

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The song was written back in 2020 but due to the lockdowns here in Melbourne, we were unable to properly record it until early 2021. The song came about following a significant shift in our lives and was lyrically inspired by the novel and film adaption of ‘The Shining’. The writing process for this one was unusually swift for us and was more or less fully realized before we brought it to our producer Michael Badger who worked his magic on it, transforming it into what you hear today! – GLOB

R U Happy Now is an exceptional debut release, I guarantee this one will be stuck in your head for days, it’s an ideal addition your driving solo playlists as I found it’s got them sweet sing-a-long vibes.

GLOB’s debut R U Happy Now? Is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro