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Gold Coast Trio, daste Drops Smooth New Single ‘Around’ Ahead of Highly Anticipated Album Release

Gold Coast-based trio daste has just unveiled their latest musical gem, Around, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited album due in early 2025. The single, a testament to the band’s signature blend of smooth vibes and jazzy undertones, showcases their knack for crafting soulful melodies that resonate deeply with listeners.

Inspired by the complexities of human relationships, Around delves into the emotional turmoil of a situationship, where the allure of a past flame proves irresistible despite knowing it’s not the right fit. Lead vocalist Callum MacDonald sheds light on the song’s inception, recounting a collaborative session with Maxwell of Golden Vessel and 1tbsp, where a soulful R&B sample sparked the creative process.

“The genesis of ‘Around’ took shape mid-August 2023. We were quite heavy into the writing process of the album and were asked by our good friend Maxwell (Golden Vessel, 1tbsp) if we’d like to get together for a writing session. 

Maxwell started off the session with a Soul/Rnb sample that became the core of the song as we built chords and melodies around it. Maxwell took a hold of the production while Tyler and myself worked away at the melodies and lyrics.

We wanted to focus on the subject of a situationship or an ex that you know isn’t the right person for you, but you can’t help going back to them. Even still, if they call you, you know you’ll answer every time. It’s a cycle of anticipation and regret as you go around and around in a seemingly never-ending cycle. Maxwell encapsulated this feeling so well within his moody production and even tied it together with his catchy vocal melody across the chorus.”

Maxwell’s adept production, coupled with Tyler and Callum’s poignant lyrics and melodies, resulted in a track brimming with raw emotion and undeniable catchiness. The band spent months refining the arrangement, with mix engineer James Vincent (Jim Alxndr) adding his touch to elevate the song’s sonic depth.

Following this session, we spent the next few months refining the arrangement, before sending it to our Mix Engineer James Vincent (Jim Alxndr) who added his post-production, providing another level of character to the song.” ~ Callum MacDonald, daste.

With over 2.3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, daste continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their distinctive sound. As anticipation mounts for their upcoming album, fans can expect an exciting journey through the band’s evolving musical landscape.

Written by John Zebra