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Golden Age of Ballooning Transcend Time & Space On ‘Calling Me’

Golden Age of Ballooning evoke something truly special. Folk-rock that’s drenched in psychedelics, this Brisbane six-piece continue to push the threshold of melancholic and progressive music. Calling Me, the group’s latest, along with its video release, signals a new, grounded era for this dynamic band.

Calling Me takes the listener on an entire journey. It drags and bends through a variety of tempo shifts combined with guitar solos aplenty. It’s a total trip and, as you’ll soon realise, the hallucinating and spiralling dips that the track takes is a continuing representation of the group’s themes.

The music video, directed by Richard Clifford and Bradley Murnane of Spilting Films, is a look into the inner workings of the band’s music. It’s like a deep dive into Golden Age of Ballooning’s heads while they’re jamming or rehearsing—coated in transcending and hypnotic visuals, it imbues their music into an entirely AV experience. The use of different landscapes blended with the grain and visual symbolism gives off a disconcerting feeling and portrays, “one’s desire to ward off drug-induced hallucinations.”

Calling Me comes from the special edition release of their ‘Illusion of Control’ EP, which is out Friday 10 November. The newly released version of the EP comes with an additional five tracks along with the initial five tracks—Calling Me being one of them. It also marks the very first vinyl release for the group, which you can pre-order HERE.

More shows are on the cards for the band but for those lucky enough with a ticket to Jungle Love Festival, they’ll be joining the lineup in late November, early December. Scope the show details below along with the stream of new single, Calling Me.

Golden Age of Ballooning

NOV 30–DEC 2
Jungle Love Festival

Written by Jake Wilton