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Golden Vessel Gives Us The First Taste Of His New Album With The Single, ‘eee’ feat. rei so la and Abraham Tilbury

Last week Brisbane artist, Golden Vessel (Maxwell Byrne) gave us a the first taste of his forthcoming album with his new single, eee featuring rei so la and Abraham Tilbury. It follows on from Byrne’s epic ten minute 2021 single, getforward which has racked up over 1.2 million streams on Spotify alone.

Eee is a emotional experience that gives the listener a feeling of sunshine and pure feels. Tumbling beats meet some twinkled piano work with a soothing vocal delivery. It kind of has a 90’s movie soundtrack vibe to it. As you listen you get a sense of human spirit and well, that’s exactly what the track is about.

“eee is a song about spirituality. I wrote it at the start of 2020 when I was rethinking my beliefs and decided to take a road trip across America. I wrote ‘eee’ in the back of my car in Flagstaff, Arizona, which started as a poem about finding connection or meaning within everything. I think I was desperately listening to as many podcasts and reading books/articles as possible, but what was speaking to me the most was being out in nature and taking the time to enjoy my surroundings.

After writing that poem & song, I worked with Abraham, and we pieced together ‘eee’ drawing from a few different ideas. I randomly dragged in an old vocal I had of rei so la singing “everything everyday everything” and it sort of seemed to encompass what my verses were about and ended up becoming the name of the album.” – Golden Vessel

Eee is a great example of Golden Vessel’s unique and diverse production skills, his new album, everythingeverydayeverything is due out this June. Eee is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro