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Good Sport Get’s You Dancing On ‘Boring Magic’

Good Sport is the blood sweat and tears of Ryan Hizer, a DIY musician who has created a record that will have you indie dance lovers jumping for joy as it covers so many dynamics that makes the genre so great. Experimental sampling, incredible synthesis and moody vocals.

Boring Magic is a record that has been a long time coming according to Hizer. Taking on the big smoke of Pittsburgh back in 2011, leaving behind the legacy of a moderately successful band and starting the synth driven fun sounds of Good Sport as he acclimatized to his new surroundings. This record Boring Magic was written during a time when Hizer had an interesting time of performing and partying people with ten years younger than himself.

Boring Magic is a wonderful 7 track gem that captures emotion and a solid sense of nostalgia over the 20 odd minutes from start to finish. Each track has it’s own identity but still flows so well as the production is cleverly laid out. There is humour and a touch of melancholy though out as he touches lyrically on the awkwardness of being the oldest person at a show to simple instrumentalism on other tracks.

Overall it’s a real catchy record that will have indie dance fans of the 00’s era jumping for joy. Boring Magic is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro