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Grace Sanders Unveils Her Debut EP, ‘GUMS’

Perth electro-pop artist Grace Sanders has been on the rise lately with a slew of single releases over the last six months and today she climbs even higher with the release of her debut EP GUMS.

Over the last few releases Sanders has showcased her talent of not locking into one genre or style of sound. Constantly giving us a unique and diverse edge with each release. All these styles are presented perfectly on this brand new feature release.

“Ezekiel Padmanabham [producer] and I approach each song as its own thing, stripping back all the elements and allowing inspiration to flow for whatever the emotionality of the song is calling for to make it come to life in its own unique way.”  – Grace Sanders

From grieving the loss of a friend, navigating toxic relationships to reflecting on how to apply boundaries in mental health conversations, Sanders has packed some truly tender emotions into this EP, hence the title ‘GUMS’ – raw, young, and figuring out how to work through the challenges in life.

GUMS features previously released singles, Green, No Fair and Dissipate and throws in some unheard new tunes like, Sometimes, Sanity and Calling My Mother. Grace Sanders has taken her sound to the highest of levels on this EP. A star in the making it looks like an exciting road ahead for the young Perth songwriter.

GUMS is available now, everywhere

Written by Chris Lamaro