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Grant Nesmith Takes Us On A Dreamy Beach Walk With His Latest Offering, ‘Days’

US singer-songwriter, Grant Nesmith recently revealed his brand new single, Days. It follows on from his 2021 album, Dreams Of the Coast.

Grant Nesmith has a knack for writing lush and dreamy oceanside laid back tunes and his latest offering Days carries on with that exact sound. Chilled out, warm and sandy vibes. It’s like a beachside sunset in summertime. Smooth flowing beats, psych style guitar work and Nesmith’s dreamy vocal delivery make for a perfect lazy afternoon track.

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I wrote this track the same I bought a Rickenbacker 12 string guitar. I picked up the guitar and the riff and verses pretty much wrote themselves. I spent a few days working on chorus, bridge and lyrics and had the song written within a week or so. 

The song was inspired by the passing of time and changing of seasons. I live in a resort town where we get millions of tourists each year, but have a population of 35,000 people. Winter we live in a ghost town and in Summer it takes 30 minutes to travel a mile sometimes. A lot of my friends(including myself) move away in search of something better, but Myrtle Beach always calls us back home.

The recording process was a lot of fun! I laid down the 12-string guitar first, then overdubbed the bass track and a vocal. Ken Thomas played drums, Blake Monroe of Endless Nation played Lead Guitar. Producer Ed Dennis put another electric guitar on the track, then those awesome harmony vocals were overdubbed by Ava Hussey. I put the acoustic guitar on it at the very end just to fatten up the sound a bit. It was recorded and mixed at Atlantic Coast Recording in Myrtle Beach, and Mastered to tape by Amy Dragon at Telegragh Mastering in Portland, Oregon. – Grant Nesmish

A tune fit for any mood of the day, it will sit perfectly in those more stripped back reading time playlists. Whether you’re sitting on the patio reading, going for a walk Days is your ultimate audio companion. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro