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Green Buzzard Are Getting Dizzy In New Video

Green Buzzard Debut EP

Sydneysiders Green Buzzard have released a colourful swirling music video for their latest single Motorcars & Jaguars from their debut EP “Easy Queezy Squeezy”.

Simple but effective, the video features Buzzard performing the single on spinning platforms. Harking back to a music video from the 1960s, or something that might signal a scene change in an “Austin Powers” movie, the rudimentary lighting and camera effects are overlaid with an old school filter to really emphasise the vintage vibe.

The 5-piece were signed before release a single track by label I OH YOU last year and have been producing some great Britpop throwbacks ever since. On this track, a driving bassline, metronomic drumming and vocal distortion are the order of the day, producing a familiar, but interesting sound when paired with swirling guitar lines and a droning though somehow catchy chorus.

According to the band, the song was largely inspired by listening to a lot of Midnight Oil and The Clean, and those influences can be heard pretty clearly on the track. Singer Patrick Harrowsmith says, “I had the guitar intro chords to this song for a long time but no melody or chorus… The song itself is really about me living in Oberon on my parent’s farm, by myself playing guitar and listening to music every day; trying to work out what I wanted to do with my life”.

Fresh off the back of their own tour, Green Buzzard are heading out on the road again supporting labelmates and fellow Britpop revivalists DMAs this month, and they’ll be heading along to Splendour in the Grass later on in the year, as well. All the shows are sold out, but if you’re lucky enough to have nabbed tickets, you can definitely expect 90’s fashion to be strong at the shows.

Written by Max Higgins