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Gringo Star Drop Loveably “Rotten” Psych Track Ahead of New Album

Gringo Star

Atlanta rockers Gringo Star have dropped a quality rough new single, Rotten. Sitting between the folky twang of The Shins and Tame Impala’s generosity on the reverb, Rotten’s melody beautifully shines through the raw psychedelic finish.

Highlighting their love for nostalgic rock, Gringo Star’s new single is energetic and sharp, clearly heavily influenced by The Kinks with twangy guitar cutting through the mix like a knife, stinging the ear drums in a somehow pleasant manner.

A simple and repetitive song melodically, the track doesn’t particularly head anywhere spectacular, however a catchy guitar solo towards the end of the song does give Rotten a enough pep to lend itself to your weekend playlist.

Gringo Star will be releasing their new album ‘The Sides And In Between’ on Friday 26th of August.

Gringo Star Album Artwork

Written by Sam Muggleton