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GUEST PLAYLIST: Owen Rabbit – “My Favourite Songs At The Moment”


Here at AAA we’ve been keeping an eye on Melbourne multi-instrumentalist and producer Owen Rabbit since he released his stellar single Weeds back in April. After touring with SAFIA, Boo Seeka, and triple j Unearthed Laneway 2016 winners A.D.K.O.B., Owen Rabbit is back with a new single Oh My God and the news his debut EP ‘One’ will be released by the end of November!

Oh My God sees Owen Rabbit continue to deliver his unique approach to synth-driven soundscapes, while his  striking melancholic vocals drip with sorrowful harmonies. Staying true to his roots the track features plenty of looping samples, trinkets, and DIY percussion sounds such as rubbish.

Before his debut EP ‘One’ drops, we asked Owen Rabbit to craft us a playlist of the tracks he can’t stop listening to right now. So plug in your earphones, tap the play button, and scroll down to read to mini-story behind why Owen listens to each track- also check out his upcoming tour dates, all info below!

Words by Owen Rabbit

Hello, I’m very happy to share with you some of my favourite songs that I’m listen to at the moment. Thanks heaps and I hope you like it!

Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices
Woooaaah, when it drops it’s so juicy and powerful. When I heard this the first time it wrapped me up in wool and made me feel all smacky.

Lil Silva – Lines (George Fitzgerald Remix)

George Fitzgerald makes really gentle, beautiful house music. I love how all the synths sound real and analogue, it’s a very warm feeling.

Kalacoma – Kaleidoscoper

I’ve played heaps of shows with these fellas from Melbourne, they’re the most creative band out! Watching them play is like watching scientists invent deep space telescopes.

The Books – Smells Like Content

Ah, The Books. It’s past midnight, you’ve missed the last train, and you have to walk for like an hour and half up a hill in the rain and you have no shoes and all you’ve eaten all day is like two red clouds and the atmosphere is 10 per cent wasps. Like heaps of wasps. But it’s all good because you can listen to The Books!

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Anthropoda

This is my sweet lovely music that makes me feel like a tiny flower growing through a crack in the concrete.

Tourist – U

I’m playing a festival in France with Tourist in December, it’s called Winter Festival. I’m super excited because I’ve been loving all of Tourist’s stuff for ages and this tune is awesome!

Deftones – Anniversary Of An Uninteresting Event

Deftones are my favourite band. This is a beautiful cut off their self-titled album, which is my favourite!

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Im Rauch

It’s like jazz music but if jazz music was dead or on opioids.

Gang Of Youths – Kansas

Gang Of Youths are amazing. The lyrics to this song are awesome, look them up!

The Cure – Trust

Maybe the saddest song ever, from my favourite album from The Cure.

Moby – God’s Face Moving Over The Waters

Moby is good. Moby is really good. Moby is really, really good. This tune is proof. It’s really old too!

Radiohead – Daydreaming

Radiohead’s new album is awesome, you know that. This tune is amazing. I love all the tiny little sounds you have to listen real close to…

Bjork – An Echo A Stain

Another tune with lots of really beautiful little sounds. Bjork said that making this album was like threading an intricate tapestry.

Cult Of Luna – Passing Through

This is another metal band’s quiet song. Don’t worry, it’s not too heavy. It has such a powerful, sludgy emotion. This album is amazing and brutal and all the tracks are like 12 minutes long. fffwooraaarrrh!

Swans – A Little God In My Hands

Swans are the weirdest band. They have so many albums! They’re all so weird and challenging and if you have 20 hours of your life to spare you should listen to them all in a row and a then you will see god and become a tin foil hat hermit and live in a caravan on the edge of the city…

Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

Same as it ever was.

Boris Brejcha – Lost Memory

OOOHWEEEE, Boris Brejcha is fantastic! I saw him one time DJing late at night in a sweaty club and it was lovely. I got home at 8 in the morning and had a very long snooze…

Moby – When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die

This song is so depressing, so it’s perfectly suited to closing out this playlist of songs I like that I’ve made for you. It is very sad but very lovely.

Owen Rabbit Live Dates

Jimmys Den, Perth
The Milk Factory, Brisbane
The Record Crate, Sydney
Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
The Workers Club, Melbourne

More Info HERE