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Guy Builds a Flamethrowing Guitar, Because Why Not?

Mad max guitar double

You know what was cool about ‘Mad Mad: Fury Road’? Everything. But you know what was really cool about ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’? Everything The flame-throwing guitar that followed everyone around, providing sick pump-up jams. And just when you thought that cool stuff could only exist in movies, UK inventor Colin Furze went ahead and built one IRL.

Yes, it’s as batsh*t crazy as it sounds.

Furze, who says he has “no musical ability”, but “wants to rock”, built the guitar as part of ‘America’s Greatest Makers’, a program run by IT company Intel. In a making-of series of videos, Furze shows you just how he put together the nuts-as-f*ck project. We would like to remind readers not to try this at home, and leave the pyrotechnics to the pyrofessionals.

The flame-throwing shredder is built from a white Les Paul, and as well as the guitar the video features a bass guitar that Furze built a smoke machine and strobe lights into.

Furze has a track record of building crazy projects, and he as previously constructed a homemade hover bike, a jet-powered bicylce, an automatic set of Wolverine claws, a bed that ejects you when you need to wake up and a thermite powered kettle. So, crazy is just his thing. Somehow we think he’d be fine in even the baddest of badlands.

Check out the video below to witness the madness…

Written by Max Higgins