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Gypsy Road Reveals Emotionally Charged Single, ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’

Melbourne’s post-punk outfit Gypsy Road unveils a haunting masterpiece with their latest single, Letters To A Friend, From Interstate. This emotionally charged track serves as a tantalising glimpse into their forthcoming debut album of the same name, slated for release on May 24.

Letters To A Friend, From Interstate is a sonic journey through yearning and introspection, fuelled by dazzling yet brooding guitar tones and forceful drumbeats. The track’s weighty atmosphere is punctuated by lead vocalist Alex’s impassioned screams, evoking a sense of nearing collapse.

“This song is about wanting to see your ex after a breakup but knowing that distancing yourself is the only proper way to heal and grow. It’s an ode to moving on and to starting a new chapter of life. Incorporating screams in this song was a first and we feel that this helps add a layer of intensity to the song. We’ve been experimenting with new sounds and trying to push our boundaries on the heavier side.”- Alex Centofanti, Gypsy Road.

Despite its heavier tone compared to previous releases, Gypsy Road expertly balances moments of distortion with delicate guitar riffs, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative. With this single, the band showcases their evolution while setting the stage for a debut album that promises to captivate listeners with its unfiltered authenticity and raw emotion.

Written by John Zebra