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Harvey Sutherland Offers A Neat Slice Of High-End Disco On ‘Amethyst’

Harvey Sutherland

If you ever needed a warm affirmation of how delightful the Melbourne music scene truly is, there’s always Harvey Sutherland. The brisk disco music maker has returned with his first piece of new music since last year and it’s titled, Amethyst.

Following last year’s ‘Expectations’ record, which he recorded alongside Bermuda, and spawned the marvellous Clarity single, Sutherland has now leaned into a more clever reinterpretation of his already high-end disco-pop. On Amethyst, the producer has composed a stirring cacophony of horns, clattering percussion and strings all in tune to a dance aesthetic.

His orchestration has peaked. The musician’s ability to lead a band and synchronise it to a feverous dance groove has lead to impeccable results. The drums, as always, appears as the star, charging the entire musical movement promptly forward and never slowing to a halt. Now, the star of the show has to the marvellous saxophone solo by Nubya Garcia, which the song promptly features.

In November, Harvey Sutherland returns to his hometown stages to perform two exclusive headline shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Harvey Sutherland Live Dates

The Lansdowne, Sydney
Geddes Lane Ballroom, Melbourne

Written by Jake Wilton