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Have A Good Day Once Again Lift Moods With ‘It’s You’

Continuing to enchant audiences, the Australian dreamy pop duo Have A Good Day radiates their infectious, uplifting energy once again, this time through their newest single It’s You.

Emerging onto the scene earlier this year with their debut single ‘Somebody, Nobody’, swiftly followed by the upbeat track ‘Feels Like Magic’, James MacCallum and Luke Minness maintain their remarkable ability to captivate. Their contagious spirit and dedication to embracing life to the fullest persistently shine through. In ‘It’s You’, they encapsulate this very essence, fashioning a lively anthem that celebrates the revival of past affections.

Distinguished by its irresistibly infectious falsetto hook that winds its way through the melody, the track cultivates an atmosphere of unadulterated pop euphoria. Enveloped in a kaleidoscope of sonic elements, the song embraces an weightless sonic spectrum, complete with pulse-accelerating rhythms, vibrant synthesizers, and the mellifluous, elegant vocals of James MacCallum. Transitioning seamlessly from velvety verses to a chorus adorned with entrancing falsetto, the song delivers a surge of dopamine to the auditory senses.

With ‘It’s You’, Have A Good Day orchestrates an irresistible sonic journey that captures the essence of rekindled affection through their signature dreamy pop resonance. This one is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro