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Heartbeatz Takes Us One Step Closer To His Debut Album with Latest Offering, ‘Heavyweight’

Bursting onto the scene with the impactful debut ‘Sweeping Up My Shadow’ in 2023, Heartbeatz, the brainchild of Melbourne-based writer and British India bassist William Drummond, is back with a fresh lyrical odyssey in the form of the latest single, ‘Heavyweight.’ The journey continues as Heartbeatz weaves a captivating narrative, promising a sonic exploration that resonates beyond boundaries.

Drenched in vibrant hues, Heavyweight serves as a vivid canvas portraying the bustling world of pub life in Melbourne. William Drummond, the master storyteller behind Heartbeatz, invites listeners to witness the rhythmic dance of nights unfolding in the company of familiar faces and enduring friendships. Amidst the spectrum of emotions — from joy to anger and tears — Drummond skillfully places the audience in the front row of the chaotic spectacle, capturing not only the essence but also the occasional beauty that emerges within the tapestry of hospitality life.

“This is my ode to hospitality. To the unbreakable friendships made, nights that seem to drag on forever and others that disappear in the blink of an eye,” explains Drummond. “To the feelings of stagnation and yearning, to hot-blooded heartbreak. To all the people who fight vehemently for us even when we are bringing them down.”  – HEARTBEATZ.

As the eagerly awaited debut album Memory::Loss approaches its March 22nd release date, Heavyweight emerges as a beacon of organic brilliance within the project. It seamlessly builds on the experimental intricacy showcased in earlier singles like Sweeping Up My Shadow and What’s The Problem?, charting a captivating course that leads William Drummond towards the culmination of his inaugural solo body of work. The album promises to be a testament to Heartbeatz’s evolution, showcasing a musical journey that is as diverse as it is compelling.

Written by Chris Lamaro