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Helen Shanahan Steps Into The Light With “I Only Hide”

Helen Shanahan

Perth folk songstress¬†Helen Shanahan is no stranger to the music scene, with a handful of original clips released over the past few years, but this week will see her tackling her social and performance anxiety head on. Shanahan’s latest release I Only Hide¬†chronicles her struggle against the illness, and it seems after this one she won’t be able to hide much longer.

Featuring lines like “So I hide cause I know/If I take one step out of the line/They’re waiting outside”, I Only Hide proves the durability of a steady lyrical base. Not content with delivering invaluable honesty in her lyrics alone, Shanahan throws subtle instrumentation and Nora Jones-esque vocals into the mix, lifting the tune from an exploration of self into an exhibition of impressive maturity and restraint.

A track so honest and personal deserves a video clip rooted in simplicity, and Shanahan delivers an image just as subdued as her sound. The clip is a feast for the eyes, crackling fires and dark shadows contrasting against the bright blues and greens of the outside world and subtly¬†capturing the reality of life’s challenges for someone battling anxiety.

Check out Helen Shanahan’s I Only Hide music video below, and if you’re in WA, make sure you catch her at the Perth International Arts Festival – details below!

Helen Shanahan Live Dates

Perth International Arts Festival

Written by Jess Martyn