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Hellions Release Profound New Single ‘Furrow’

Sydney’s very own Hellions have just released their second single of the year, Furrow. Recorded in Thailand with producer Shane Edwards, Furrow is a definite change of pace and style from their previous single, X (Mwah).

The introspective ballad is very chill, with rapped verses and an upbeat chorus. Of course, it wouldn’t be Hellions without a bit of screaming, and Furrow is no exception, with frontman Dre Faivre delivering some intense screams throughout the chorus.

On the single, drummer and co-writer Anthony Caruso said, “‘Furrow’ speaks of real, personal experiences in dealing with the mental processes of learning to accept, understand, forgive and above all, love someone in a relationship, where clashing values and morals are constantly challenging not only commitment to another person, but our own happiness. The outside world has profound influence on how we perceive ourselves; our self-worth. How this affects the state of being in love with one another can be so powerful, it can prove to be some of our greatest challenges throughout life. The fallen tulip in the artwork is an acknowledgement to the struggle and loneliness we can feel in fighting our own battles of self-perception, while being able to realise someone else’s.”

Overall, Furrow has been getting positive responses from fans, and with an album (hopefully) coming out soon, we can’t wait to see what Hellions release next!

Do yourself a favour and stream Furrow below.

Written by Jake Wilton