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Hey Geronimo Return With Sophomore Record ‘Content’

Brisbane’s alt-rockers Hey Geronimo have returned this week with their sophomore record, ‘Content’. It follows from two previously released singles, Dissconnect and Working for Google, making this a heavily anticipated release.

The band lost a guitarist in 2016 and, instead of taking on a new one, they took a very neo approach by enlisting an AI program named ‘Alex’ to write most of the lead guitar on the record. Needless to say it makes for a very interesting record to listen from start-to-finish.

The opening track, The Last Public Telephone, is a classic album opener. Building up with filtered samples and synth patches, it really gets you excited for what’s to come throughout the next eleven jams. The vocal arrangement actually gives the feeling of someone talking on the other end of a telephone, building to a gorgeous arrangement of fuzzy bass and indie-dance slapping drums.

Continuing through, there’s a nostalgic feeling as you’re taken back to a mid-naughties club night in the east village NYC. The album is packed with twangy guitar riffs and soft synth lines. The vocals are reminiscent of early Metronomy on tunes like Dissconnect and Second Skin. I could even stretch it out to say it has elements of ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club’.

The band produced the record completely in-house, independently, and the final result is something truly inspiring.

Guitarist and singer Pete Kilroy laughs about how fans find the news of Artificial Intelligence replacing humans not particularly perplexing.

“Everyone’s nonchalantly like, ‘Oh! Cool! Another song imagines a future where we’re all working for Google and people say: ‘Yeah. That’ll probably happen.’’ I mean, shouldn’t we all be worried about this shit?” emotes Kilroy.

Hey Geronimo head on a short run of shows this November, kicking off in their hometown of Brisbane.

Hey Geronimo Live Dates

Netherworld, Brisbane
107 Projects, Sydney
Yah Yahs, Melbourne

Written by Chris Lamaro