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Highasakite Say Upcoming Album Addresses World Issues

highwednesday 2015

Norwegian indie-pop outfit Highasakite have announced they’ll release their highly anticipated second album ‘Camp Echo’ this May.

Lead singer Ingrid Håvik says the album focuses more on political issues such as global warming and war. The album takes form as a commentary of the world we live in, which is supported by as the album’s title, as ‘Camp Echo’ is one of Guantanamo Bay’s seven detention camps.

“It’s not a political album in the sense that I want people to side with specific party or mindset, but it has been central in my life.

“There are not many love songs on the album, because I haven’t been in that state of mind for a long time,” she said.

Håvik said the events of September 11 and both her and the world’s reaction have had an immense effect on the record.

“I remember that day and I remember the world being so divided. My whole town in Ålesund [Norway] gathered for this really big demonstration against the war in Iraq and I remember being part of that.

“It’s a part of us and our history, and for me, it formed a realisation of the world we live in. My world perspective since that day has never been very positive. It’s not fear or anger, it’s just different,” she said.

The newly announced album has been hailed a worthy successor to the band’s 2014 debut album ‘Silent Treatment’. The album received international acclaim, and awarded Highasakite two Norwegian Grammys.

Highasakite last visited Australia for their appearance at 2015’s St Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

‘Camp Echo’ is set for release on Friday 20th May. You can pre-order the album this Friday HERE