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Hippo Campus’ New Single & Video Is Full of Upbeat “Boyish” Charm


Minnesotan quartet Hippo Campus have (finally) announced the impending release of their debut album ‘landmark’. To celebrate the news, they’ve released a shiny new music video for Boyish, one of the singles from their upcoming album.

Boyish doesn’t give any warning before exploding into a jangly, upbeat indie spectacular with just a touch of the folksy charm that we’ve come to love from these…boys. There’s an energetic joy to the track that’s uplifting with a touch of nostalgia. It uses images like “the sunlight dripping off the apricot tree” to evoke the kind of idyllic childhood that’s so easy to wistfully romanticise.

The music video echoes this feeling, ripe with sentimental images of childhood. The clip features a little boy in suspenders holding a balloon, putting on records, and playing a game of checkers, all staple activities of the hipster’s childhood. The boy prepares a feast of apricots and other stone fruit on a formally-laid table, with an apricot tree centrepiece.

The meal dissolves into the throwing of sticky yellow fruit and the boy rejoices over it, wearing an unsettling mask. When the table’s reduced to a juicy mess, he takes his apricot tree away on a little cart, ready for more mischief.

Boyish and its accompanying track mange to perfectly capture the unrestrained joy and cheekiness of boyhood. It’s uplifting and energising, and makes you wish for the childhood you probably never had, but probably should have..a huge dapper AF family with nightly food fights!

Hippo Campus’ debut album ‘landmark’ is due for release on the 24th of February, 2017. Check out the new music video below!