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Honey Q & A: Miles de Carteret

Miles de Carteret Press Shot

Melbourne singer-songwriter Miles de Carteret has release what has to be the sweetest music video dropped so far this year! After several years of touring with other projects, de Carteret and producer Danny Barwick have come together to make “evocative music” by blending smooth electronica and subtle live elements, for seemingly progressively amazing music videos. We threw de Carteret some questions about the sticky golden nectar of the gods and the process behind the music video for his single Honey.

If you were a bee would you be a honeybee or Beyoncé?

Beyoncé – because Girls Run the World, duh!

Do you enjoy the Men At Work track Who Could It Be Now?

Nup, never heard it…also, bad pun.

If you were a Winnie The Pooh character what animal would you be and what name would you have?

Eeyore, because I’m a sad, lonely, little donkey.

What is the strangest pet name you’ve had or given in a relationship?

Gary Frutson, son of Peter Frutson, son of Barry Frutson (who was a fictional late 40’s football player) – this is 100% true.

Would you rather honey or golden syrup on pancakes?

Golden syrup, I wouldn’t waste honey on pancakes.

For those who have not watched the video for your track Honey, how would you describe its visuals?

Myself and 10 of my best mates get covered in 300 litres of honey whilst ripping each other’s clothes off.

Where did the idea of couples making out, drenched in Honey come from?

Originally Danny wanted to put ten people in a cement cylinder filled with honey and roll it down a hill…we scaled back.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe the Miles de Cartaret’s sound and live sound?

Electronic samples meets live instruments meets the voice of the Virgin Mary meets a stampede of pregnant elephants on a tragic Tinder date.

We really like Honey, what is the story behind the song?

A good friend of mine and great author Autumn Royal wrote a poem that really seemed to fit my life at the time, I took it to my collaborator Danny Barwick and we distilled it into sounds.

Finally, what are three things fans should know about your next release?

Banger, banger, banger. Forget the mash it’s nothing but bangers!

Miles de Carteret Live Shows

Marly Bar, Sydney