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Honne Get Real With “Someone That Loves You”


Soul duo Honne’s latest track is all about finding Someone That Loves You, and it sounds like they won’t have too much trouble doing just that. A first taste of their upcoming debut album, this track has just the right balance of energy and emotions to keep your blood pumping through winter.

The track opens to a complex, yet subdued layers of smooth production, drawing back just enough to allow the vocals to shine. With a sound similar to powerhouse songstresses Rebecca Ferguson, Adele, and Jess Kent, vocalist Izzy Bizu lends a raw, soulful energy to the chorus as she sings, “Don’t touch me/Boy, I want you/Not allowed to/You’re with someone that loves you/I’m waiting/And I’m patient/I feel stupid/When you’re with someone that loves you”. If you’ve experienced the sting of unrequited love, these sentimental lyrics will hit you right in the feels. Meanwhile, Andy Clutter’s vocals are the song’s unsung hero, thickening the chorus, balancing the heavier production, and creating a purely emotive sound to contrast Bizu’s pop sensibility.

Producer James Hatcher said he was happy that Honne’s sound is unique enough to defy comparison. “I was relieved when loads of our friends said they didn’t know what it sounded like,” he said. “We always say it’s the kind of music you might listen to on a late night drive in the summer through the city with the windows down, cool breeze coming in. Bathed in the city lights.”

Forecast as a glimpse into “the good days and bad of relationships in 2016”, Honne’s debut album will have hearts breaking all over the world. ‘Warm On A Cold Night’ is set for release on Friday 22nd of July.

Written by Jess Martyn