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Hudson Mohawke Releases Video On ‘Indian Steps’ Single


Everyone is familiar with such creature as Phoenix, and Hudson Mohawke had just proved himself being one. He has found his rebirth in expanding his music to drum beats, keys and mesmerizing vocals that took him on a killing US tour assigned to his album “Lantern”. Recently he had released the video on the off the album sophomore track Indian Steps, which not only has Antony Hegarty’s touching vocals, but surprisingly cool visuals as well.

The video is the courtesy of Daniel Sannwald, who is the great person behind the romantic and fragile image of the clip. It was inspired by Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ and gives the picture of two elderly people in a very intimate way. Haunted Antony’s vocals and pretty sad poetic lyrics take you over in a second, as well as the captivating image of the video’s sensitivity. When the song is actually about people loosing the tight bond, having a lot feelings remaining, you see the history of love on the lovers’ bodies, in their touches and wrinkles, and this is truly amazing.

It’s just a while before Mohawke kicks off his Aussie tour with major live-acts and dj-sets, so tart worrying about tickets, while watching the heart-warming video.

Hudson Mohawke Australian Tour Dates

TicketsLaneway Festival

FRI 5 Feb

Harts Mill, Adelaide

SAT 6 Feb

Brisbane Showgrounds, Bowen Hills

SUN 7 Feb

Sydney College Of The Arts, Rozelle

SAT 13 Feb

Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne

SUN 14 Feb

Esplanade Reserve and West End, Fremantle