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‘Tuesday’ Is Luxurious & Dense Electro-Dream-Pop From Hurt Parade

Fall deep down the rabbit hold with Hurt Parade. Their cacophonous and audibly vacant electronic world is inspiring and warped on their latest single, Tuesday.

Paired with a lashing of indie-pop, their brisk take on electronica is simultaneously minimalist and maximalist. Their pop sensibilities come through the mix loud and true, but it’s crushed under a beautiful veil of paranoia and dream-like ambivalence. Simply put, it’s music you can dance to with a sombre, nostalgic edge.

There’s a vital union occurring on Tuesday, however. The coalition of musical entropy on display is pertinent—you can feel where each member’s contemporaries and backgrounds lie, bringing in opposing elements to the table. The electronic, dreaminess of the song amplifies as the track progresses and serves to enhance their deeply analogue feel.  And, so the tale tells, Tuesday was aptly written in its entirety on a Tuesday afternoon.

After years of knowing each other, we all decided it was time to finally work together and produce some tunes. Our love, passion, drive and dedication to music is shown through our first single Tuesday,” explains Hurt Parade.

Stream Tuesday below.

Written by Jake Wilton