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I See Stars Release Kaleidoscope Inspired Music Video


Electronic wizards of Metalcore I See Stars (ISS) have just released an intense psychedelic music video for their latest single Mobbin’ Out – and it’s not for the fainthearted.

The band have never held back from the use of heavy electronic instrumentation, but this track gives ISS a whole new edge. Glockenspiels, razor synths, ambient piano, and brutal distorted guitars all feature alongside each other in the genre-defying track.

Visually, the music video is like looking at Playschool’s three windows through a strobe-light affected kaleidoscope. The onslaught of flashing strobes ARE NOT for anyone prone to seizures…or who are colourblind for that matter!

The Michigan 6-piece released their debut album ‘3-D’ in 2009, attracting acclaim techno and heavy music fans worldwide who were entranced by their hybrid blend of screamo and electronica.

ISS are, a part from making some crazy hardcore music, unfortunately also known for the uproar that occurred last year  when their Facebook account was hacked by the ISIS terrorist group. The band was forced to release an official statement after derogatory statements were made against America and humanity in general.