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Iain T. McKelvey Reveals Dynamic New Single, ‘There Goes Hollywood’

Iain T. McKelvey’s latest single, There Goes Hollywood, ignites with an irresistible fusion of indie rock allure and raw energy. Hailing from Sydney, McKelvey unleashes a auditory storm, propelled by punchy riffs and an anthemic chorus that begs for audience participation. It’s a track where toe-tapping grooves meet poignant lyricism, crafting a narrative that delves into the intoxicating allure of celebrity culture and its hollow promises.

There Goes Hollywood serves as a bold assertion of artistic autonomy, reflecting McKelvey’s newfound comfort in his own skin and confidence in his musical direction.

“There Goes Hollywood’ came from a period of reflection around me being a musician at all. I had been feeling an intense amount of anxiety around chasing this idea of something that I’m not sure I ever actually wanted. I realised that I had been chasing an unsustainable life, this idea of glitz, glamour and gluttony that was everything I wasn’t.

I recorded it with my friend Steve in his incredible warehouse studio. I intentionally wanted to move away from a big studio and make sure the process of recording was very casual and with a lot of friends. I am so incredibly fortunate to have some amazing people on the record. Caitlin Harnett and Jaimee from Dead Witch leant their voices to the bridge, which is such a vibe. Cal, Marshall and Jaryd all did such a great job building the song in to what it is now. Nothing like a big old rock song to say you were sad at one point.”Iain T. McKelvey.

The song’s sharp narrative paints a vivid picture of the disillusionment that accompanies the pursuit of superficial fame, where the glitz and glamour of Hollywood fade to reveal a stark reality. Yet, amidst the dimming lights and fading friendships, McKelvey’s music remains a beacon of authenticity, capturing the essence of raw emotion and human experience.

With its infectious melodies and larger-than-life chorus, There Goes Hollywood is a testament to McKelvey’s prowess as both a songwriter and performer, marking a bold step forward in his musical journey.

Written by John Zebra