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Icarus Moth Teams Up With Wit Blu To Give You A ‘Perfect Outfit’

Brooklyn based producer Icarus Moth has teamed up with singer-songwriter Wit Blu to present a colourful jazz-influenced pop beat driven single Perfect Outfit.

Perfect Outfit is a infused with stabby pianos, big beats, dreamy pads and some feisty but cute delivered vocals from Wit Blu. It has a pop-beat sound that we’ve become familiar with from the US west coast. The track was written, recorded and produced in Bedrock Studios in L.A.

“We wrote the song in just one session, then set it aside. So much has been going on right now, so we’re so excited to share something more upbeat and uplifting.” – Icarus Moth

The track fills you like a breath of fresh air, from the point of pushing play through to the last beat it has a certain way of lifting ones mood. It’s the perfect combination of sweet bright production crossed with an ideal vocal delivery. It’s the first of a few releases for Icarus Moth and Wit Blu who say there is more releases planned for 2020.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from the USA pair. If this release is anything to go by we know the upcoming singles are going to be even more a treat.

Perfect Outfit is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra