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Icons that made me: the top 4 influential figures on IRFXXN – personally and creatively

Making an indelible mark with the impactful release of his debut single ‘Latest Song’ in 2022, IRFXXN, the talented R&Pop artist hailing from Sydney, reemerges onto the music scene with his latest offering, ‘Time’. Building upon the solid foundation set by his breakthrough track, IRFXXN has proven himself to be a rising global sensation, expanding his musical horizons and captivating dedicated fan bases across the globe. With a masterful fusion of sounds and a kaleidoscope of musical textures, his artistry continues to resonate powerfully, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with. To get to know him a little better, IRFXXN has shared with us his 4 biggest influences, personally and creatively.

Kobe Bryant – The mentality to always strive for better is something I always worked on trying to develop. Not being content with what’s in front of you if you deep down know the vision that you have for yourself and the people around you. There’s only one option, success.

BeatswithSheph – The amount of creativity and knowledge that can be found in a room when the likes of this team gather in congregation is next to none. From knowledge of the music industry all the way down to the best tactics on how to bring out the most genuine and honest artistry that’s true to me.

Eminem – Being someone that defied the odds in a game catered to destroy him. From record breaking album sales to sold out arenas. Eminem in my opinion has defied every single obstacle thats been put towards him via the audience and the music industry in his time.

Michael Jackson – The absolute King of Pop. When it comes to feeling music from the heart, ain’t no one i can name that makes me feel it like MJ. You can dance like no one’s watching and even if they are, they’d probably want to join if they heard what I’m hearing.

IRFXXN’s new single, Time is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra