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Idol Minds Reveal New Single, ‘Needed You’

Bursting onto the pop music stage with a magical fusion of enchanting harmonies and captivating melodies, the dynamic duo of Mia and Ava Duggan-Sorbara, better known as Idol Minds, introduce their newest single, ‘Needed You.’

Venturing into their musical journey with a trio of singles, the duo has skilfully navigated a spectrum of sounds and styles. From the adrenaline-fueled and intoxicating electro-pop to the tender embrace of soulful ballads, Idol Minds, comprised of Mia and Ava, effortlessly weave through diverse sonic landscapes. In perfect harmony, each track sees the duo gracefully synchronizing their lead and backing vocal lines, creating a captivating blend that showcases their versatile musical prowess.

Unveiling their fourth single and marking a significant debut under their new moniker, Idol Minds presents ‘Needed You,’ a sonic exploration of the intricate facets of modern love and relationships, coupled with a profound introspection into one’s identity within the dynamics of such connections. Produced by the talented Shane Jarvie-Kohn, the track delves into the depths of emotion, weaving a compelling narrative through a tense and moody downtempo soundscape.

Vulnerable and impassioned ‘Needed You’, as stated by Mia, “encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions that come with love. It’s about the journey of discovering oneself through the highs and lows of relationships.”

In the soulful embrace of ‘Needed You,’ Idol Minds, with their enchanting vocals and introspective lyricism, deliver a poignant exploration of modern love, culminating in a powerful and belting finale that resonates with emotional depth and musical prowess.

Written by Chris Lamaro