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Immerse Yourself in Cinematic Synthwave: Aptøsrs Debuts with ‘Elders’

Aptøsrs’ debut album, Elders, is an auditory journey through a landscape of innovative soundscapes and emotive melodies. With a unique blend of synthwave, movielike orchestrations, dynamic bass guitar work, piano, and eclectic drum arrangements, Aptøsrs crafts a musical experience that transcends genres. The album’s eight tracks each offer a distinct sonic universe, yet are bound together by a common thread of experimentalism and emotional depth.

From the serene introduction of Rust Mountain to the captivating finale of Encore, Vredefort, Elders takes listeners on an immersive adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. Aptøsrs’ approach to blending peaceful piano lines with hyper-rhythmic drum sections creates a captivating contrast that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish.

What sets Elders apart is its ability to evoke cinematic imagery and narrative arcs through its music. Each track feels like a chapter in a larger story, with its own moments of tension, release, and resolution. Aptøsrs’ collaboration with Adam Noble on mixing adds another layer of depth to the album, allowing every riff, movement, tone, and melody to shine with clarity and impact.

“Creating this first Aptøsrs album was all about letting riffs, movements, tones, and melodies unite in strange ways. For example, if a peaceful piano line felt right, what would the song become if a hyper-rhythmic and devastating drum section was that piano part’s foundations? While chatting with Adam Noble, who mixed the hell out of this album, we loved this concept of, at the right points, being ’emotionally’ heavy but not really ‘tons of distortion’ heavy. Just because that approach felt really different. Especially for a synth-forward album.” – Paul Terry, Aptøsrs.

Overall, Elders is a masterful debut that showcases Aptøsrs’ talent for pushing the boundaries of electronic music while still maintaining a strong emotional core. It’s a must-listen for fans of synth-forward soundscapes and anyone looking for a truly immersive musical experience.

Written by Chris Lamaro