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Impressed Recordings Unveil New Sydney Record Store

Impressed Recordings, quickly becoming a beloved fixture in Australia’s music scene, has found a new haven within the vibrant creative enclave of Woolloomooloo. Breaking ground with the unveiling of their own physical record store, the label celebrates the timeless allure of tangible music and communal connection amidst a vinyl renaissance. Set to inaugurate on Saturday, April 20, Impressed Recordings’ music hub promises exclusive vinyl releases from a diverse lineup including The Wiggles, James Johnston, Tasman Keith, The Terrys, and more. The festivities continue into the evening with a special after-party featuring an intimate performance by Babitha, enchanting audiences with songs from her recently reissued debut album, Brighter Side of Blue.

Impressed Recordings emerged from a vision to create a digital platform that has now evolved into a physical sanctuary for both musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Revolutionizing the music and vinyl production landscape, Impressed Recordings has been a pivotal player in shaping Australia’s musical narrative since its inception in 2023. From the lightning-fast sell-out of The Wiggles’ iconic Yummy Yummy vinyl release to the commanding presence of Royel Otis’ EPs Bar & Grill/Sofa Kings, the label has been instrumental in championing emerging artists, introducing audiences to hidden gems, and curating beloved classics. With an unwavering commitment to placing artists and listeners at the forefront, Impressed Recordings pioneers opportunities for musicians to see their music immortalized on vinyl, covering production costs, ensuring fair royalties, and securing well-deserved chart recognition. As a result, Impressed Recordings stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in the ever-evolving music industry landscape.

The store will serve as a haven for music aficionados, offering a meticulously curated array of exclusive Impressed releases, carefully selected second-hand vinyl gems, and a thoughtfully curated collection of rare music literature. Formerly an art gallery, this establishment transcends the conventional boundaries of traditional music stores, evolving into a dynamic cultural hub that beckons creatives, musicians, and music enthusiasts alike. Beyond its offerings, the space will pulsate with the energy of in-store events, spotlighting artists who have graced Impressed releases. These intimate gatherings promise a one-of-a-kind gig experience, where attendees can immerse themselves in the soul-stirring sounds of live music within a uniquely intimate setting, solidifying its status as a premier destination for discerning music lovers seeking authenticity and connection.

Founder, Luke Bevans says, “We hope our customers are empowered with a love of music when they listen to our vinyl and step into our space. We hope in Impressed, they find a music brand that speaks to their values of supporting musicians and being a platform to find new music they love. Impressed is made for lovers of music, by lovers of music.”

The store is set to open on Record Store Day April 20.

Written by Chris Lamaro