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Indie-Surf-Punk Rockers, THE MESS AROUND, Serve Up a Cheeky and Romantic Delight with ‘WANT YOU BACK’

Perth’s indie-surf-punk-rockers, The Mess Around, expertly fuse their melting pot of musical backgrounds and influences to craft their latest single, ‘Want You Back.’ This mesmerizing track showcases the band’s remarkable ability to blend genres seamlessly, creating a sonic fusion that captures the essence of their collective musical journey. With an undeniable spark of creativity, ‘Want You Back’ is an enchanting testament to The Mess Around’s distinctive sound and unyielding passion, leaving audiences yearning for more of their unique and soul-stirring melodies.

Drawing inspiration from the ups and downs of love, ‘Want You Back’ playfully explores the pursuit of rekindling affection after a misstep, offering a tongue-in-cheek guide to winning someone’s heart once again.

We have all been in that relationship where one person is a tad more obsessed than the other. This song is for the people that realized the moment after a breakup, that slip ups were made, regret sets in and there’s the realization it was a mistake. “Want You Back” is a fun demonstration of showing your love for someone, beginning the romantic chase to portray how much they mean and ultimately get them back in your arms.” –  The Mess Around.

Setting their creative roots in Perth’s Oracle Studios, known for producing remarkable acts like Mongol and Arctos, the spirited larrikins of The Mess Around embarked on their recording journey for ‘Want You Back,’ enlisting their own drummer, Alex Ford, to take the helm. Seeking an unconventional and distinct atmosphere, the band decided to record drums on a farm owned by Alex Ford’s father, a space they could truly call their own. Keeping the production in-house allowed them the freedom to explore their boundless creativity further, with Alex Ford also taking charge of the track’s mixing process. The final touch came in the expert hands of mastering engineer Simon Struthers, renowned for his work with the likes of Sly Withers, Something For Kate, and Karnivool. The result is a track that pulsates with the raw energy and authentic essence that define The Mess Around’s musical brilliance.

We captured “Want You Back” on the family farm. The peacefulness of the countryside, the rogue sheep being fought off during the day, the fire pit at night with marshmallows and beers all somehow manifested their way into this light hearted yet deep song, as we sat around talking about our previous life experiences good and bad. A few of us were soaking in the scenery thinking “how’s the serenity” when Chris involuntarily came through and decided he would crash Alex’s dads’ farm motorbike. We all freaked but when it turned out he was okay, it become a thing and laughed about it for the rest of the day. In hindsight it was a butterfly effect moment, as without that happening and us retreating to go jam, Chris wouldn’t have written that cheeky little number on guitar, which eventually would eventuate into ‘Want You Back’. The Mess Around

The Mess Around’s buzzing new jam, Want You Back is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra