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Interview: A Will Away Chat About Their Latest Single, ‘Spittin’ Chiclets’

A Will Away is a 4-piece group who are redefining what it means to be a rock band in the modern era. Recently, they debuted a brand-new single on new label home, Rude Records, titled ‘Spittin’ Chiclets’. We had a chat with the band to find out more about them.

Congratulations on your latest release! Can you explain the meaning of the song to us?

“Spittin’ Chiclets’ is a song about slowly but surely becoming paranoid and reclusive. Anxiously paralysed into inaction, you hold up indoors and ruminate on every bad thing that has ever happened or will happen as a result of you leaving your comfort zone.

You built your foundation through relentless touring schedules. What are some of the best memories you’ve had whilst on tour?

We’ve been touring extensively for the better part of a decade. So, pinpointing any story after all this time seems like a difficult task. We like to think that our most favoured tour memories are those in which we’ve had the opportunity to connect with people across the world. Legitimately, some of the closest friends that we have to this day are people whom we’ve met on tour. We wouldn’t trade those experiences or relationships for anything in the world.

Who would you say has had the largest influence on your current sound?

Weezer, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters had the largest influence on our new single ‘Spittin’ Chiclets’ — however, as far as the scope of our new music is concerned, the list could go on for miles.  

What are some things you as individuals are highly passionate about? Be it hobbies or passion projects or anything you’d like to bring to our attention?

We have several passions. Among them are Reading, Film and Television (specifically bad reality television), Video Games, Tattoos, Board Games, Weed, Classic Vinyl, and running our studio (Steadfast Studios). Realistically though, our greatest passion is spending time together playing and writing music.

Can you tell us what your plans are for the rest of the year?

Nothing illegal. We’re super enthusiastic about putting out the remainder of our new music and getting back to doing what we love most.

Written by John Zebra