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Interview: Adam Dooker from ‘The Ruiins’

The Ruiins Press Shot

Whilst sweatin’ like a gypsy with a mortgage, Adam Dooker of The Ruiins was kind enough to battle the heat of a Coolangatta warehouse to take some time out and chat to us about shut down shows, triple j Unearthed, and the release of their debut single Eventually.

Thanks so much for taking the time out to chat to us! I’ll jump straight into it. Your debut single Eventually has been just over a week now! It’s absolutely killer man! Can you tell us a bit about what went into it?

Yeah sure! It started off just with a little riff and then just built a melody over the top of it. And then it kind of became this concept of life goes by pretty quick and so we just built the song around an upbeat, dancey style of music. Recording wise, we went into the studio with an idea of how it was going to sound but it came out just how we wanted it and with a punchy chorus.

How have crowds reacted to the song when you’ve played it live?

Yeah it’s been amazing hey! Obviously touring for a single, we didn’t really know what to expect but when we were travelling around, when that riff comes in and people react we’re kinda like “oh shit” (laughs) people actually know the song! So yeah it’s nice!

And it’s all over triple j right now, congratulations! How does it feel to have your debut on such a big broadcaster?

Yeah it’s amazing man, it’s kind of blown us away in terms of (Eventually) being out for just over a week. Having guys like Richard Kingsmill and Dom Alessio put it on their programs was really nice, and to have it on rotation on [triple j] Unearthed is just really nice.

I couldn’t help but notice your bandmate Patrick recently graduated Uni and is now a fully legit architect! Does that influence your creative processes in anyway whatsoever?

Umm I guess it would influence his creative processes…(laughs) I’m really not too sure, I suppose it would get his creative juices flowing always thinking about different architectural things…but yeah I’m not too sure man, you’d have to ask him (laughs).

You guys have been on tour for a little while now, how have the shows been so far? 

Yeah, we played Brisbane on the Friday and then had a hometown show in Coolangatta on the Saturday night which was pretty packed! The gig at the Milk Factory (Brisbane) was really cool, we’ve never played many gigs up there so it was cool to get a decent crowd, and I guess every new place you play you get a few new followers or new people interested in your band. We actually played at the Quicksilver Store (Coolangatta) during the Quicksilver Pro and it was absolutely packed! So many people, we actually got shut down because of the amount of people and the noise (laughs). We were half way through Eventually actually and they came in and turned us down which was pretty funny (laughs).

Dude that’s so mad! Now, even though the single is pretty fresh can we expect to hear more from The Ruiins in the near future? Is there anything in the works that you can shed a little light on?

Yeah man we’re always writing music! We’ve got a lot of new music that we’re playing on these tours but we just haven’t recorded and I guess the people who have seen us a few times have heard the songs and can sing along to and that’s pretty cool. So we’re going to take a little holiday next month, head overseas then come back and release a single that we’ve already recorded and then yeah, work off that and then get back into the studio and work on our forthcoming EP, so hopefully all goes well.


Written by Sam Muggleton